Important Homemade Cardmaking Tips and Tricks. Creating and making cards for your close and loved ones can be an enjoyable activity. While designing card for a specific someone, you have complete control over the look and design that goes into it. Your sentiments and emotions can be clearly infused into the making of the card. The fact that you are taking time out from your life and committing to making a special card lets the receiver know just how special they are to you. If you are a beginner card maker or if you are seriously considering homemade cardmaking here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid unwanted mistakes:

1. How to determine the card’s background:

Generally, beginners are confused in deciding which background colour to utilise. A simple trick which you can use is to pick a colour from the image that you are going to use making that particular colour your background for the card.

2. Save the leftover paper scraps:

Cardmaking papers are not cheap. Make sure that you make use and reuse your coloured and designer paper scraps. You can also use your punching machines and other cutting tools to give these scraps whimsical shapes which can be used to embellish the cards.

3. Use your imagination for other paper supplies:

Who says you can’t utilise the paper cut outs from gift bags or other heavy materials for cardmaking? You can just unfold the paper bag in question and cut out the shape you require. Be sure to avoid the creased lines.

4. Use white polymer eraser:

While laying out the paper shapes onto a card, people will make use of a pencil to make light design marks as placement guide. After completing your embellishments, the pencil marks will be needed to be erased. Make sure you only use a white polymer eraser so that there are no dark smudges or spots left on your card.

5. Rounded corners in place of square:

Rounded corners will give your card a pleasant and more appealing look. Squared corners makes the card look less sentimental. Use the punch to give your photos an updated and a modern look. Rounded corners can make a whole world of difference.

6. Foam tape squares and dots:

The fun part about making cards is that you can quickly take it one step further just by adding certain elements. You can add dimensions to your handcrafted creations with the help of colourful, foam and dotted tapes.

7. The ribbon hack:

Ribbons ad a classy and modern touch to your handmade creations. Adding a colourful ribbon element to your card can make your card look professional and impressive. You can also apply a bit of clear nail polish at the ends of the ribbon to stop it from fraying.