The sheer joy of giving and receiving handcrafted cards are unparalleled. Store brought cards don’thold the same emotion, warmth and joyof a handmade card. Apart from being much more meaningful and close to the receiver’s heart, a handmade creation is that one treasure which people will always keep and cherish with them forever. As compared to a mass-produced card, a handmade card will always be unique, one-of-a kind and there will never be a second card of the exact same type.

Especially around the holiday time, sending a handmade card is equivalent to sending a piece of heart. It is a treat to send and receive a handmade work of art. While looking carefully at a store-bought card and a homemade card the differences are obvious. The former carries sentiments and creativity which is close to the sender and receiver’s heart, while the latter one is blindly created by machines without any emotions in them.

1. They make the receiver happy: Handmade holiday cards are a unique piece of art which is close to both the sender as well as the receiver’s heart. One could include their inside jokes within the card and give the receiver a good holiday chuckle.

2. They are unique: Holidays are one of the most magical time of the year. Show your close ones you care by giving them a card which cannot be ever created again. What can be more special than that?

3. They radiate love: Welcome the holiday season with some handcrafted works of art. They hold amazing significance because while creating that card the maker put in all their love, warmth and care in it which clearly shows.

4. They are special: There is something about sending and receiving a hand-crafted card. But why are they so special? Cardmaking is a patient job, so whoever is creating it has to put in a lot of time and effort for that which makes the whole process worthwhile and fulfilling. Handmade is created with love, handmade is made with care and handmade is just for you.

About JustCraftin’s creator:

Nidhi Sethia is a renowned designer, whose vision involved empowering underprivileged women by employing them and teaching them the subtle art of card making. These women work from their homes without disrupting their day to day chores while earning an extra income and keeping their spirits alive.