While the idea for starting your cardmaking journey may seem like a dream on the other hand it is extremely important for you to sort out your cardmaking equipment and tools. As much as it is important to keep your approach crystal clear and organised it all boils down to the right tools usage. It should be kept in mind that depending on the occasion, different cards require different materials along with different techniques and tools. Here is a comprehensive guide to getting the right tools to make your cardmaking venture a success:

1. Metal ruler: This tool is arguably one of the most vital piece of craft. Cardmaking involves utmost accuracy and precision which can be attained with the help of this ruler. They ensure reliability, stability along with durability.

2. Craft knife: Card making projects are incomplete without a sturdy craft knife. It is ideal because these knives have the ability to cut through various different types of materials and especially if you are planning on creating intricate designs for the card.

3. Scissors: Although it is a bit of difficulty to cut out intricate designs and shapes using a scissor, but it is even more helpful to cut out larger designs and shapesfor your crafting projects. This important piece of tool allows the user to produce multiple layers which could be incorporated in the cards.

4. Paper trimmer: Paper trimmers are very much different from a regular scissor or a craft knife since they only cut in straight lines. They provide ultimate accuracy by creating a crisp and extremely precise cut each time. They are a great option for mass cutting of cards.

5. Cutting mat: If your handmade piece of art involves the usage of a cutting knife then a cutting mat is extremely vital. They prevent you from cutting the table and protect the working surfaces from messy spills along with assisting in modelling and measuring.

6. Scoring board: Beneficial for perfectionist card makers who are serious and extremely passionate about their projects. You will be able to create impeccable and sharp card lines quickly and very easily.

About the creator of JustCraftin:

Nidhi Sethia, a renowned designer, whose vision involved empowering underprivileged women by employing them and teaching them the subtle art of card making. These women work from their homes without disrupting their day to day chores while earning an extra income and keeping their spirits alive.