There are several everyday factors which can cause unwanted stress. It has become extremely important to cultivate a hobby that can help in relaxing you. A creative individual relies on their creative outlets to de stress themselves and clear out their minds. They channel all their positive energy and vibes towards creating a piece of art which is worthwhile. Several surveys and polls have shown that crafting actually helps immensely in increasing the cognitive abilities of an individual. This happens because while performing a simple and peaceful activity a ‘flow’ is created and have shown positive results as a means of therapy.

Crafting for stress relief has always proven beneficialand have increased the happiness levels effectively. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have an overactive imagination which tends to go out of control. But why does this happen? When people get completely immersed in performing one task they give rest to all the multiple inner worries and frustrations by diverting your mind towards performing the said craft. One can even feel rewarded by gifting their handmade crafts and creations to their loved ones. Making your loved ones happy is unarguably the best stress buster in the world.

Battling stress is all dependent on you and finding out what works best for you personally. Destressing involves everything from running and meditating to gardening or even taking a simple bath. Adopting crafting as a hobby is considered as one of the most natural and organic ways of relaxing. Every activity involving crafts from cutting, colouring, designing and even the final touches, relaxes the mind completely and gets rid of anxiety.

About the creator of JustCraftin:

Nidhi Sethia, a renowned designer, whose vision involved empowering underprivileged women by employing them and teaching them the subtle art of card making. These women work from their homes without disrupting their day to day chores while earning an extra income and keeping their spirits alive.