Sending out cards have always been one of the best ways of sending out good vibes, wishes and happiness to your loved and close ones. One cannot exactly point out the date or the period when it all started, but there are definite evidences and traces available to outline the time around when it all started. The tradition of card sending can be dated back to the times of ancient Chinese. They exchanged messages of blessings and good will during new year celebrations. It can also be traced back to the early Egyptians, who conveyed good wishes and happy greetings using papyrus scrolls.

During early 15th century paper greeting cards made by hand were continually being exchanged in Europe. During 1400Germans are well known to have started printing New Year’s greeting cards using woodcuts. When mid-15th century ushered in a time of early renaissance, handmade paper valentine’s cards were actively being exchanged in different parts of Europe. By 1850s greeting cards had been modified from a relatively expensive, handcrafted creation to an affordable and popular means of personal communication. All this happened due to the sudden advances and developments in print media.

All this trend continued, and it was followed by brand new trends like Christmas cards. The very first Christmas card was in a published form which appeared in London during the year 1843. This happened when Sir Henry Cole had hired an artist John Calcott Horsley to design a holiday card with an aim of sending them to his friends and acquaintances. The year 1930 saw technical developments like colour lithography which further propelled the cardmaking industry way forward. Cardmaking and scrapbooking in the modern contemporary world is the detailed craft of creating delicate and loving works of art.

About the creator of JustCraftin:

Nidhi Sethia, a renowned designer, whose vision involved empowering underprivileged women by employing them and teaching them the subtle art of card making. These women work from their homes without disrupting their day to day chores while earning an extra income and keeping their spirits alive.